campusCatalyst engages college students in pro-bono consulting projects for nonprofits, catalyzing community growth and the development of future leaders. We serve as a bridge between universities and the communities that surround them by offering a for-credit, experiential learning program that pairs teams of students in consulting partnerships with nonprofits. By introducing students to the social sector through a different lens–-one that places them at a peer-to-peer level with nonprofit management–-cC encourages a new breed of volunteerism, and in turn, a new breed of volunteers. Through our work, nonprofits are able to stretch dollars further by ensuring efficiency in their organizations, as well as continued strategic growth to respond to new demands in an ever-changing market.

The core message cC teaches is that regardless of career path, each individual has a unique responsibility to analyze their skill-set and give back to the community in order to change the world.